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  • Joystick Controlled Steering M...

    Here we propose a robotic vehicle with steering mechanism. The vehicle uses a smart and accurate steering system that allows it to steer with ease.
  • GSM based Industry Protection ...

    With heavy automation taking place these days, the number of industries as well as number of accidents in those industries have increased substantially. Human errors
  • DTMF Cell Phone Based Door Ope...

    The main objective of this project is to unlock a garage door by a mobile phone using a unique password entered through the keypad of

Role of Device Dimensions and Layout on the Analog Performance of Gate-First HKMG nMOS Transistors

This paper discusses well the results of device dimensions and layout/style rules on the analog performance of gate-initial high-K gate dielectrics and metal gate (HKMG)

The Influence of Motion Paths and Assembly Sequences on the Stability of Assemblies

In this paper, we have a tendency to gift an approach for the soundness analysis of mechanical half disassembly considering half motion in the presence

Trip Curves and Ride-Through Evaluation for Power Electronic Devices in Power System Dynamic Studies

Power electronic devices are widely utilized in power grid related to masses and renewable energy sources. With increasing penetration levels of those devices, their response

A New Sensorless Hybrid MPPT Algorithm Based on Fractional Short-Circuit Current Measurement and P O MPPT

This paper presents a brand new maximum power point tracking (MPPT) method for photovoltaic (PV) systems. The proposed method improves the operating of the traditional

Flat band slow light in silicon photonic crystal waveguide with large delay bandwidth product and low group velocity dispersion

Flat band slow light-weight is achieved in an exceedingly silicon photonic crystal waveguide with large normalised delay bandwidth product (NDBP) whereas maintaining smaller values of

Adaptive Suppression of Severe Pathological Tremor by Torque Estimation Method

Tremor may be a rhythmical and involuntary oscillatory movement of a body half. Additionally to social embarrassment, tremor will be debilitating for daily activities. Recently,

IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement institutional listings

Advances in human computer interaction (HCI) are enabling increasingly a lot of human-like interactions with computers. In this position paper, we tend to explore the

An Investigation of Electromagnetic Radiated Emission and Interference From Multi-Coil Wireless Power Transfer Systems Using Resonant Magnetic Field Coupling

Wireless power transfer (WPT) technology has recently emerged as an innovative and promising technology, and its electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) has become a important issue. In

EMD-Based Electrocardiogram Delineation for a Wearable Low-Power ECG Monitoring Device

A novel algorithm for subtracting the artifacts from an electrocardiogram (ECG) signal and detecting the QRS complex based mostly on empirical mode decomposition has been

Cross-Layer-Based Adaptive Video Transport Over Low Bit-Rate Multihop WSNs

An occasional bit-rate ZigBee-based mostly sensor network carrying scalable video streams can be considered. A cross-layer priority algorithm that mixes the state of the channel


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