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Fingerprint liveness detection using convolution Neural networks – 2016

Project Title:

Fingerprint liveness detection using convolution Neural networks – 2016


With the growing use of biometric authentication systems in the recent years, spoof fingerprint detection has become increasingly important. In this paper, we use convolutional neural networks (CNNs) for fingerprint liveness detection. Our system is evaluated on the data sets used in the liveness detection competition of the years 2009, 2011, and 2013, which comprises almost 50 000 real and fake fingerprints images. We compare four different models: two CNNs pretrained on natural images and fine-tuned with the fingerprint images, CNN with random weights, and a classical local binary pattern approach. We show that pretrained CNNs can yield the state-of-the-art results with no need for architecture or hyperparameter selection. Data set augmentation is used to increase the classifiers performance, not only for deep architectures but also for shallow ones. We also report good accuracy on very small training sets (400 samples) using these large pretrained networks. Our best model achieves an overall rate of 97.1% of correctly classified samples-a relative improvement of 16% in test error when compared with the best previously published results. This model won the first prize in the fingerprint liveness detection competition 2015 with an overall accuracy of 95.5%.

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