Mobile Computing

1 AdSherlock Efficient and Deployable Click Fraud Detection for Mobile Applications MOBILE COMPUTING
2 Distributed Time-Sensitive Task Selection in Mobile Crowdsensing MOBILE COMPUTING
3 Eclipse Preserving Differential Location Privacy Against Long-Term Observation Attacks MOBILE COMPUTING
4 Exploiting Multi-Dimensional Task Diversity in Distributed Auctions for Mobile Crowd Sensing MOBILE COMPUTING
5 Fine Grained User Profiling for Personalized Task Matching in Mobile Crowd Sensing MOBILE COMPUTING
6 KOLLECTOR Detecting Fraudulent Activities on Mobile Devices Using Deep Learning MOBILE COMPUTING
7 PACE Privacy-Preserving and Quality-Aware Incentive Mechanism for Mobile Crowd Sensing MOBILE COMPUTING
8 Predictability and Prediction of Human Mobility Based on Application-collected Location Data MOBILE COMPUTING
9 Privacy-Preserving Media Sharing with Scalable Access Control and Secure De duplication in Mobile Cloud Computing MOBILE COMPUTING
10 Protecting Your Shopping Preference with Differential Privacy MOBILE COMPUTING
11 Proximity-Aware Location Based Collaborative Sensing for Energy-Efficient Mobile Devices MOBILE COMPUTING
12 Social Recruiter Dynamic Incentive Mechanism for Mobile Crowd Sourcing Worker Recruitment with Social Networks MOBILE COMPUTING
13 Towards Fine-Grained Access Control in Enterprise-Scale Internet-of-Things MOBILE COMPUTING
14 Towards Personalized Privacy-Preserving Incentive for Truth Discovery in Mobile Crowd Sensing Systems MOBILE COMPUTING
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