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A Cellular Network Architecture WithPolynomial Weight Functions – 2016

Emulations of cellular nonlinear networks on digital reconfigurable hardware are renowned for an economical computation of huge knowledge, exceeding the accuracy and adaptability of full-custom

A Novel Coding Scheme for Secure Communications in Distributed RFID Systems – 2016

Privacy protection is the primary concern when RFID applications are deployed in our daily lives. Due to the computational power constraints of passive tags, non-encryption-based

A Method to Design Single Error Correction Codes With Fast Decoding for a Subset of Critical Bits – 2016

Single error correction (SEC) codes are widely used to protect information stored in recollections and registers. In some applications, such as networking, some management bits

Hardware and Energy-Efficient Stochastic LU Decomposition Scheme for MIMO Receivers – 2016

During this paper, we style a hardware and energy-economical stochastic lower-higher decomposition (LUD) scheme for multiple-input multiple-output receivers. By employing stochastic computation, the advanced arithmetic

Memory-Reduced Turbo Decoding ArchitectureUsing NII Metric Compression – 2016

This brief proposes a replacement compression technique of next-iteration initialization metrics for relaxing the storage demands of turbo decoders. The proposed theme stores only the

In-Field Test for Permanent Faults in FIFO Buffers of NoC Routers – 2016

This transient proposes an on-line clear take a look at technique for detection of latent onerous faults which develop in 1st-input first-output buffers of routers

Fault Tolerant Parallel FFTs Using Error Correction Codes and Parseval Checks – 2016

Soft errors pose a reliability threat to fashionable electronic circuits. This makes protection against soft errors a demand for many applications. Communications and signal processing

A New XOR-Free Approach for Implementation of Convolutional Encoder – 2016

This letter presents a new algorithm to construct an XOR-Free architecture of an influence efficient Convolutional Encoder. Optimization of XOR operators is the most concern

An Efficient Single and Double-Adjacent Error Correcting Parallel Decoder for the (24,12) Extended Golay Code – 2016

Memories that operate in harsh environments, like for instance space, suffer a important variety of errors. The error correction codes (ECCs) are routinely used to

A High-Throughput Energy-Efficient Implementation of Successive Cancellation Decoder for Polar Codes Using Combinational Logic – 2016

This paper proposes a high-throughput energy-economical Successive Cancellation (SC) decoder architecture for polar codes based on combinational logic. The proposed combinational architecture operates at comparatively

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