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Sub graph-based filter banks for graph signals – 2016

We design a critically-sampled compact-support biorthogonal transform for graph signals, via graph filterbanks. Instead of partitioning the nodes in two sets so as to remove

Super Nested Arrays: Linear Sparse Arrays with Reduced Mutual Coupling – Part I: Fundamentals – 2016

In array processing, mutual coupling between sensors has an adverse effect on the estimation of parameters (e.g., DOA). While there are methods to counteract this

Flexible Multi-layer Sparse Approximations of Matrices and Applications – 2016

In this paper we propose a family of new algorithms for non-negative matrix/tensor factorization (NMF/NTF) and sparse nonnegative coding and representation that has many potential

Graph Signal Denoising via Trilateral Filter onGraph Spectral Domain – 2016

This paper presents a graph signal denoising method with the trilateral filter defined in the graph spectral domain. The original trilateral filter (TF) is a

Investigating Ultraharmonic Modeling from Ultrasound Echo Signal with SISO Volterra Filter – 2016

In general, a single-input-single-output (SISO) Volterra series cannot be used for modeling component of ultraharmonic frequency from ultrasound echo signal. In this paper we present

Japanese Janken Recognition by Support VectorMachine Based on Electromyogram – 2016

Recent years, biosignal is receiving attention as a tool of human interface. Above all, electromyogram (EMG) has already applied to many researches. In this study,

New Sparse-Promoting Prior for the Estimation of aRadar Scene with Weak and Strong Targets – 2016

In this paper, we consider the problem of estimating a signal of interest embedded in noise using a sparse signal representation (SSR) approach. This problem

Online Censoring for Large-Scale Regressions with Application to Streaming Big Data – 2016

On par with data-intensive applications, the sheer size of modern linear regression problems creates an ever-growing demand for efficient solvers. Fortunately, a significant percentage of

An Adaptive Fixed -point IVA Algorithm Applied to Multisubject Complex Valued FMRIdata – 2016

Independent vector analysis (IVA) has exhibited great potential for the group analysis of magnitude-only fMRI data, but has rarely been applied to native complex-valued fMRI

Semi definite Programming for Computable Performance Bounds on Block-Sparsity Recovery – 2016

In this paper, we use fixed point theory and semidefinite programming to compute the performance bounds on convex block-sparsity recovery algorithms. As a prerequisite for

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