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Digital Image Processing (62)

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Finger vein biometric: Smartphone footprint prototype with vein map Extraction using computational imaging techniques – 2016

A new vein structure based biometric approach is introduced in this paper. The idea is to use the finger vein structure in the intermediate phalange

Fingerprint liveness detection using convolution Neural networks – 2016

With the growing use of biometric authentication systems in the recent years, spoof fingerprint detection has become increasingly important. In this paper, we use convolutional

Incorporating skin color for improved face Detection and tracking system – 2016

Face detection and tracking have wide applications, for example, law enforcement, gaming, image search, marketing, etc. The detection and tracking tasks are quite challenging. Tracking

Palm Print as a Smartphone Biometric: Another option for digital privacy and security – 2016

In a world where smartphones are becoming ubiquitous and more powerful than ever, securing these devices has become a key issue. We are so invested

Reversible data hiding in encrypted images based on progressive recovery – 2016

This paper proposes a method of reversible data hiding in encrypted images (RDH-EI) based on progressive recovery. Three parties are involved in the framework, including

Robust fingertip detection in a complex environment – 2016

Fingertip detection has a broad application in gesture recognition and finger tracking. It is also an important foundation of human-computer interaction systems. However, most algorithms

Learning a combined model of visual Saliency for fixation prediction – 2016

A large number of saliency models, each based on a different hypothesis, have been proposed over the past 20 years. In practice, while subscribing to

Named entity recognition from unstructured handwritten document images – 2016

Named entity recognition is an important topic in the field of natural language processing, whereas in document image processing, such recognition is quite challenging without

Image enhancement in ultrasound imaging – 2016

In this paper, two different methods are suggested in order to provide image enhancement in ultrasonic B-mode imaging. By obtaining RF data from two different

A three-layered graph-based learning approach For remote sensing image retrieval – 2016

With the emergence of huge volumes of high-resolution remote sensing images produced by all sorts of satellites and airborne sensors, processing and analysis of these

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