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A Hybrid Simulation Model for VSC HVDC – 2016

The motivation for the presented research is based on the needs to develop new methods and tools for obtaining the information required to evaluate the

Back Propagation Algorithm Based Controller for Autonomous Wind-DG Microgrid – 2016

This paper takes into account wind-DG hybrid configuration with a voltage source converter (VSC) as a voltage and frequency controller (VFC). Wind AC power generated

An Enhanced Power Sharing Scheme for Voltage Unbalance and Harmonics Compensationin an Islanded AC Microgrid – 2016

In this paper, an enhanced hierarchical control structure with multiple current loop damping schemes for voltage unbalance and harmonics compensation (UHC) in ac islanded microgrid

Impact of SFCL on the Four Types of HVDC Circuit Breakers by Simulation – 2016

Recently, studies on HVDC circuit breaker (CB) prototypes have shown successful test results. Nevertheless, effective and reliable solutions regarding massive fault energy during dc fault

Enhanced Virtual Synchronous Generator Controlfor Parallel Inverters in Microgrids – 2016

Virtual synchronous generator (VSG) control is a promising communication-less control method in a microgrid for its inertia support feature. However, active power oscillation and improper

Simultaneous Microgrid Voltage and Current Harmonics Compensation Using Coordinated Control of Dual-Interfacing-Converters – 2016

The growing installation of distributed generation (DG) units in low-voltage distribution systems has popularized the concept of nonlinear load harmonic current compensation using multifunctional DG

Phase angle calculation dynamics of type-4wind turbines in rms simulations duringsevere voltage dips – 2016

To conduct power system simulations with high shares of wind energy, standard wind turbine models, which are aimed to be generic rms models for a

Adaptive observer-based fault estimation for a DFIG based wind turbine system – 2016

This paper studies the problem of fault estimation using adaptive fault diagnosis observer method for a DFIG based wind turbine system. This adaptive fault estimation

Transient Stability Enhancement of DFIG Based Variable Speed Wind Generator by Resistive Type Solid State Fault Current Limiter – 2016

Control of DFIG Wind Power Generators inUnbalancedMicrogrids Based onInstantaneous Power Theory – 2016

This paper presents a model and a control strategy for a doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG) wind energy system in an unbalanced microgrid based on instantaneous

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