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Control Systems Projects (10)

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Optimal Duty Ratio controller for Improved DTFC ofInduction Motor using Fuzzy Logic – 2016

The aim of this paper is to develop an optimal duty ratio controller to improve dynamic performance of induction motor with reduction in Torque and

Mathematical Modeling and Fuzzy Logic Controlof a Brushless DC Motor Employed in Automobileand Industrial Applications – 2016

Brushless DC motors (BLDCM) are most popular because of their higher efficiency, less maintenance and precise control characteristics. However, this motor has nonlinear nature and

MRAS Observer for Sensorless Direct Active andReactive Power Control of DFIG Based WECS withConstant Switching Frequency – 2016

This paper presents a sensorless direct active and reactive power control (DPC) of grid connected DFIG using back to back PWM voltage source converters in

Adaptive observer-based fault estimation for a DFIGbased wind turbine system – 2016

This paper studies the problem of fault estimation using adaptive fault diagnosis observer method for a DFIG based wind turbine system. This adaptive fault estimation

Fuzzy Logic Management Supervisor forWind-Diesel-Battery Hybrid Energy System – 2016

In this paper an operational control technique, based on using the Fuzzy Logic Energy Management Supervisor (FLEMS) is developed and applied to a proposed Wind-Diesel-Battery

Fuzzy Logic Based Improved Direct Power Control ofThree-Phase PWM Rectifier – 2016

In this paper we propose an approach to improve the direct power control (DPC) of three-phase PWM based on fuzzy logic technique switching table. The

A Performance Investigation of a Four-Switch Three-Phase Inverter-Fed IM Drives at Low Speeds Using Fuzzy Logic and PI Controllers – 2016

This paper presents a speed controller using a fuzzy-logic controller (FLC) for indirect field-oriented control (IFOC) of induction motor (IM) drives fed by a four-switch

Fuzzy Logic Controller based STATCOM forVoltage Profile Improvement in a Micro-Grid – 2016

Microgrids constitute a very essential part in today’s power system for fulfilling the increasing power demand but when working under isolated conditions microgrids become very

Adaptive-fuzzy hysteresis controlled three phaseshunt active filter for constant switching frequency – 2016

The study done in this paper concerns the use of a new control technique of current using adaptive hysteresis regulator by fuzzy logic on the

Performance Analysis of DVR, DSTATCOM andUPQC For Improving The Power Quality WithVarious Control Strategies – 2016

Here, we have studied the voltage quality improvement methods by using Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR), Distribution Static Synchronous Compensator (D-STATCOM) and Unified Power Quality Conditioner


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