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NS2 Projects (653)

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A 102_129-GHz 39-dB Gain 8.4-dB Noise Figure IQ Receiver Frontend in 28-nm CMOS

An F-band in-phase/quadrature-phase (I/Q) receiver front-end in 28-nm CMOS for chip-to-chip communication is presented. The receiver consists of a capacitively neutralized differential low-noise amplifier (LNA)

A Batch-Based MAC Design With Simultaneous Assignment Decisions for Improved Throughput in Guard-Band-Constrained Cognitive Networks

The adjacent channel interference (ACI) resulting from imperfect filtering can severely degrade the performance of any wireless communication system. Despite this fact, most of previously

A Bayesian Perspective on Multiple Source Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks

In this paper, we address the challenging problem of multiple source localization in wireless sensor networks (WSN). We develop an efficient statistical algorithm, based on

A Circular Interference Model for Heterogeneous Cellular Networks

Scaling up the number of base stations per unit area and augmenting the heterogeneity of networks are two major trends in mobile cellular systems of

A Coalitional Game for Distributed Inference in Sensor Networks With Dependent Observations

We consider the problem of collaborative inference in a sensor network with heterogeneous and statistically dependent sensor observations. Each sensor aims to maximize its inference

A 60-GHz Dual-Mode Distributed Active Transformer Power Amplifier in 65-nm CMOS

This paper presents a 60-GHz power amplifier (PA) fabricated in a 65-nm CMOS technology. The proposed PA utilizes a dual-mode amplification circuit topology to achieve

A 65-nm CMOS DAC Based on a Differentiating Arbitrary Waveform Generator Architecture for 5G Handset Transmitter

The data rate expected for the forthcoming 5G standard induces stringent constraints for handset transceivers. Wideband carrier aggregation will be handled with flexible and low-power

Wireless Fidelity Electromagnetic Field Exposure Monitoring With Wearable Body Sensor Networks

With the breakthrough of the Internet of Things and the steady increase of wireless applications in the daily environment, the assessment of radio frequency electromagnetic

Wireless Network Association Game With Data-Driven Statistical Modeling

The explosion in demand for wireless data services in recent years has triggered pervasive deployment of wireless networks. How to associate to one of the

Wireless Network Compression Via Memory-Enabled Overhearing Helpers

Traces derived from real-world traffic show that significant redundancy exists at the packet level in mobile network traffic. This has inspired new solutions to suppress

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