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Dot Net Projects (24)

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Bilevel Feature Extraction-Based Text Mining for Fault Diagnosis of Railway Systems – 2016

A vast amount of text data is recorded in the forms of repair verbatim in railway maintenance sectors. Efficient text mining of such maintenance data

TopicSketch Real-time Bursty Topic Detection from Twitter – 2016

Twitter has become one of the largest microblogging platforms for users around the world to share anything happening around them with friends and beyond. A

WORAL A Witness Oriented Secure Location Provenance Framework for Mobile Devices – 2016

Location-based services allow mobile device users to access various services based on the users’ current physical location information. Path-critical applications, such as supply chain verification,

Visual Exploration of Changes in Passenger Flows and Tweets on Mega-City Metro Network – 2016

Transportation systems in mega-cities are often affected by various kinds of events such as natural disasters, accidents, and public gatherings. Highly dense and complicated networks

Two-Factor Data Security Protection Mechanism for Cloud Storage System – 2016

In this paper, we propose a two-factor data security protection mechanism with factor revocability for cloud storage system. Our system allows a sender to send

The Impact of Review Environment on Review Credibility – 2016

Research problem: Increasingly, professional and technical communicators analyze, synthesize, and respond to user-generated content, including online consumer reviews of products, as the influence of user-generated

Secure Reversible Image Data Hiding over Encrypted Domain via Key Modulation – 2016

This paper proposes a novel reversible image data hiding scheme over encrypted domain. Data embedding is achieved through a public key modulation mechanism, in which

SecRBAC Secure data in the Clouds – 2016

Most current security solutions are based on perimeter security. However, Cloud computing breaks the organization perimeters. When data resides in the Cloud, they reside outside

Relevance Feedback Algorithms Inspired By Quantum Detection – 2016

Information Retrieval (IR) is concerned with indexing and retrieving documents including information relevant to a user’s information need. Relevance Feedback (RF) is a class of

Privacy-Preserving Outsourced Media Search – 2016

This work proposes a privacy-protection framework for an important application called outsourced media search. This scenario involves a data owner, a client, and an untrusted

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