Machine Learning Projects

2A Quick Review of Machine Learning Algorithms 
3Use of Machine Learning in Detecting Network Security of Edge Computing System 
4Android Malware Detection Using Genetic Algorithm based Optimized Feature Selection and Machine Learning 
5Information Retrieval Ranking Using Machine Learning Techniques 
6Comparison of Various Machine Learning Techniques and Its Uses in Different Fields 
7Research on Network Traffic Identification based on Machine Learning and Deep Packet Inspection 
8Sentiment Classification Using N-Gram Inverse Document Frequency and Automated Machine Learning 
9Ship Extraction using Post CNN from High Resolution Optical Remotely Sensed Images 
10Predicting Personality from Twitter 
11Four Machine Learning Methods to Predict Academic Achievement of College Students: A Comparison Study 
12Dynamic analysis of malware using artificial neural networks: Applying machine learning to identify malicious behavior based on parent process hirarchy 
13Stock Market Analysis using Supervised Machine Learning 
14Application Research of Machine Learning Method Based on Distributed Cluster in Information Retrieval 
15Fake News Detection Using Machine Learning approaches: A systematic Review 
16Predicting Diabetes in Healthy Population through Machine Learning 
17A Review on Machine Learning Classification Techniques for Plant Disease Detection 
18Performance Evaluation of Machine Learning Algorithms for Credit Card Fraud Detection 
19Implementation of Deep Learning Algorithm with Perceptron using TenzorFlow Library 
20Machine Learning Techniques Applied to Predict the Performance of Contact Centers Operators 
21Diabetes Prediction Using Different Machine Learning Approaches 
22Real-time machine learning for early detection of heart disease using big data approach 
23Detecting Fake News using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms 
24Static and Dynamic Malware Analysis Using Machine Learning 
25Time-efficient offloading for machine learning tasks between embedded systems and fog nodes 
26A Machine Learning Approach for Heart Rate Estimation from PPG Signal using Random Forest Regression Algorithm 
27Recurrent Deep Divergence-based Clustering for Simultaneous Feature Learning and Clustering of Variable Length Time Series 
28Neural-Response-Based Extreme Learning Machine for Image Classification 
29Learning from Privacy Preserved Encrypted Data on Cloud Through Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning 
30Plant Disease Classification Using SOFT COMPUTING Supervised Machine Learning 
31Secure and Hassle-Free EVM Through Deep Learning Based Face Recognition 
32Credit Risk Prediction Based on Machine Learning Methods 
33Survey on Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms used in Internet of Things (IoT) Healthcare 
34Deep Online Sequential Extreme Learning Machines and its Application in Pneumonia Detection 
35Performance Analysis of Machine Learning Algorithms on Self-Localization Systems 
36Emotion Based Music Recommendation System 
375G-Smart Diabetes: Towards Personalized Diabetes Diagnosis with Healthcare Big Data Clouds 
38How Data-Driven Entrepreneur Analyzes Imperfect Information for Businness Opportunity Evaluation 
39Hybrid Feature Selection Using Correlation Coefficient and Particle Swarm Optimization on Microarray Gene Expression Data 
40Automatic Vacant Parking Places Management System Using Multicamera Vehicle Detection 
41Noise Reduction in Web Data: A Learning Approach Based on Dynamic User Interests 
42On scalabale and Robust Truth Discovery in Big Data Social Media Sensing Application 
43Performance Comparison of Support Vector Machine, Random Forest, and Extreme Learning Machine for Intrusion Detection 
44Solar Irradiance Forecasting Using Deep Recurrent Neural Networks 
45Sentiment Analysis for the News Data Based on the social Media 
46Understand Short Texts by Harvesting and Analyzing Semantic Knowledge 
47Blockchain-Enabled Smart Contracts: Architecture, Applications, and Future Trends 
48From Optimization-based Machine Learning to Interpretable Security Rules for Operation 
49Prediction of Process Variation Effect for Ultrascaled GAA Vertical FET Devices Using a Machine Learning Approach 
50Multimodal Machine Learning A Survey and Taxonomy 
51Manifold A Model Agnostic Framework for Interpretation and Diagnosis of Machine Learning Models 
52RuleMatrix Visualizing and Understanding Classifiers with Rules 
53A Survey of Statistical Machine Learning Elements in Genetic Programming 
54VIS4ML An Ontology for Visual Analytics Assisted Machine Learning 
55A Novel Car Following Control Model Combining Machine Learning and Kinematics Models for Automated Vehicles 
56Tunable VVC Frame Partitioning based on Lightweight Machine Learning 
57Smartphone Transportation Mode Recognition Using a Hierarchical Machine Learning Classifier and Pooled Features From Time and Frequency Domains 
58Machine Learning Inspired Sound based Amateur Drone Detection for Public Safety Applications 
59Automatically Evaluating Balance A Machine Learning Approach 
60Learn as you go with Megh Efficient Live Migration of Virtual Machines 
61From Group Level Statistics to Single Subject Prediction Machine Learning Detection of Concussion in Retired Athletes 
62Android HIV A Study of Repackaging Malware for Evading Machine-Learning Detection 
63A 2.86-TOPS/W Current Mirror Cross-Bar-Based Machine-Learning and Physical Unclonable Function Engine For Internetof-Things Applications 
64Intelligent Positioning Approach for High Speed Trains Based on Ant Colony Optimization and Machine Learning Algorithms 
65Localized Small Cell Caching A Machine Learning Approach Based on Rating Data 
66Chance-Constrained Outage Scheduling using a Machine Learning Proxy 
67Severe Dengue Prognosis Using Human Genome Data and Machine Learning 
68Using Machine Learning Techniques to Evaluate Multicore Soft Error Reliability 
69Machine-Learning Attacks on PolyPUFs, OB-PUFs, RPUFs, LHS-PUFs, and PUF–FSMs 
70Ensemble Machine Learning Based Wind Forecasting to Combine NWP Output with Weather Station Data 
71Machine Learning Applied to Software Testing: A Systematic Mapping Study 
72Bug Prediction of System CModels using Machine Learning 
73Declarative Parameterizations of User-Defined Functions for Large-Scale Machine Learning and Optimization 
74Improve Reputation Evaluation of Crowdsourcing Participants Using Multidimensional Index and Machine Learning Techniques 
75A Machine Learning-Based Fast-Forward Solver for Ground Penetrating Radar With Application to Full-Waveform Inversion 
76Real-Time Prediction for IC Aging Based on Machine Learning 
77A Wafer Map Yield Prediction Based on Machine Learning for Productivity Enhancement 
78Unsupervised Machine Learning Based Scalable Fusion for Active Perception 
79Efficient Privacy-preserving Machine Learning in Hierarchical Distributed System 
80Machine Learning based Trust Computational Model for IoT Services 
81Image-to-Image Learning to Predict Traffic Speeds by Considering Area-Wide Spatio-Temporal Dependencies 
82Data-driven Local Control Design for Active Distribution Grids using off-line Optimal Power Flow and Machine Learning Techniques 
83Dynamic Autoselection and Autotuning of Machine Learning Models for Cloud Network Analytics 
84Machine Learning for the Geosciences: Challenges and Opportunities 
85Exploiting Machine Learning Against On-Chip Power Analysis Attacks: Tradeoffs and Design Considerations 
86High-Voltage Circuit Breakers Technical State Patterns Recognition Based on Machine Learning Methods 
87Efficient Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning for Blockchain Network 
88Accuracy Investigation of a Neuromorphic Machine Learning System due to Electromagnetic Noises using PEEC Model 
89Unsupervised Deep Learning of Compact Binary Descriptors 
90An Adaptive CU Size Decision Algorithm for HEVC Intra Prediction based on Complexity Classification using Machine Learning 
91Computational prediction of sigma-54 promoters in bacterial genomes by integrating motif finding and machine learning strategies 
92Impulsive Noise Recovery and Elimination: A Sparse Machine Learning Based Approach 
93Trajectory Design and Power Control for Multi-UAV Assisted Wireless Networks: A Machine Learning Approach 
94SocInf: Membership Inference Attacks on Social Media Health Data With Machine Learning 
95A Nonlinear Regression Application via Machine Learning Techniques for Geomagnetic Data Reconstruction Processing 
96Curriculum Learning for Speech Emotion Recognition From Crowdsourced Labels 
97Early Fault Detection of Machine Tools Based on Deep Learning and Dynamic Identification 
98Cross-layer Optimization for High Speed Adders: A Pareto Driven Machine Learning Approach 
99Explaining Vulnerabilities to Adversarial Machine Learning through Visual Analytics 
100Machine Learning-Assisted Analysis of Polarimetric Scattering From Cylindrical Components of Vegetation 
101Machine Learning-Based Routing and Wavelength Assignment in Software-Defined Optical Networks 
102Machine Learning Based Error Detection in Transient Susceptibility Tests 
103Machine Learning-based Error Detection and Design Optimization in Signal Integrity Applications 
104Estimating Summertime Precipitation from Himawari-8 and Global Forecast System Based on Machine Learning 
105Prediction of Digital Terrestrial Television Coverage Using Machine Learning Regression 
106A Machine Learning Approach to Predict Human Judgments in Compensatory and Noncompensatory Judgment Tasks 
107Predicting X-Sensitivity of Circuit-Inputs on Test-Coverage: A Machine-Learning Approach 
108Assessment of carotid artery plaque components with machine learning classification using homodyned-K parametric maps and elastograms 
109Using Machine Learning to Detect ‘Multiple-Account’ Cheating and Analyze the Influence of Student and Problem Features 
110Design and Implementation of a Machine Learning based EEG Processor for Accurate Estimation of Depth of Anesthesia 
111Power Efficiency of S-Boxes: From a Machine-Learning-Based Tool to a Deterministic Model 
112Automatic Characterization of Exploitable Faults: A Machine Learning Approach 
113Machine Learning, Markov Chain Monte Carlo and Optimal Algorithms to Characterize the AdvACT kilopixel Transition-Edge Sensor Arrays 
114Neuro-Detect: A Machine Learning Based Fast and Accurate Seizure Detection System in the IoMT 
115A Machine Learning Model for Average Fuel Consumption in Heavy Vehicles 
116Genome-wide Analysis of MDR and XDR Tuberculosis from Belarus: Machine-learning Approach 
117A Multimodal Assessment Framework for Integrating Student Writing and Drawing in Elementary Science Learning 
118Exploration of Machine Learning Techniques in Emulating a Coupled Soil–Canopy–Atmosphere Radiative Transfer Model for Multi-Parameter Estimation From Satellite Observations 
119Magnetocardiography based Ischemic Heart Disease Detection and Localization using Machine Learning Methods 
120A Machine Learning-Enabled Spectrum Sensing Method for OFDM Systems 
121Assessment of a Hardware-Implemented Machine Learning Technique Under Neutron Irradiation 
122Online Diagnosis of Performance Variation in HPC Systems Using Machine Learning 
123Comparison of radiomics models built through machine learning in a multicentric context with independent testing: identical data, similar algorithms, different methodologies 
124Actuator Placement for Enhanced Grid Dynamic Performance: A Machine Learning Approach 
125Scene Classification With Recurrent Attention of VHR Remote Sensing Images 
126Active Machine Learning Approach for Crater Detection From Planetary Imagery and Digital Elevation Models 
127Sentinel-2A Image Fusion Using a Machine Learning Approach 
128Towards On-Demand Virtual Physical Therapist: Machine Learning-Based Patient Action Understanding, Assessment and Task Recommendation 
129The What-If Tool: Interactive Probing of Machine Learning Models 
130Self-Optimizing and Self-Programming Computing Systems: A Combined Compiler, Complex Networks, and Machine Learning Approach 
131DCDE: An Efficient Deep Convolutional Divergence Encoding Method for Human Promoter Recognition 
132Machine Learning Based Handovers for Sub-6 GHz and mmWave Integrated Vehicular Networks 
133Machine Learning Inspired Codeword Selection for Dual Connectivity in 5G User-centric Ultra-dense Networks 
134The search for BaTiO3-based piezoelectrics with large piezoelectric coefficient using machine learning 
135Analysis of Security of Split Manufacturing Using Machine Learning 
136Power Management for Multicore Processors via Heterogeneous Voltage Regulation and Machine Learning Enabled Adaptation 
137Unsupervised Difference Representation Learning for Detecting Multiple Types of Changes in Multitemporal Remote Sensing Images 
138ISMAEL: Using Machine Learning To Predict Acceptance of Virtual Clusters in Data Centers 
139Motion quantification and automated correction in clinical RSOM
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