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VLSI DSP Applications IEEE Projects 2018 – 19 for MTech Students

VLSI DSP IEEE Projects for Masters degree, BE, BTech, ME, MTech final Year Academic Submission. VLSI DSP Thesis for PhD and Research Students. Download complete VLSI DSP Project Code with Full Report, PDF, PPT, Tutorial, Documentation, VLSI DSP Research paper and Thesis Work. offering final year VLSI DSP MTech Projects, IEEE VLSI DSP Projects, VLSI DSP MS Projects, VLSI DSP BTech Projects, VLSI DSP BE Projects, VLSI DSP Seminar Topics, VLSI DSP Final Year Projects, VLSI DSP ME Projects, VLSI DSP IEEE Projects, VLSI DSP IEEE Base papers, VLSI DSP Academic Projects, VLSI DSP IEEE Projects, VLSI DSP Projects, VLSI DSP Free Download Projects, VLSI DSP Free Projects in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi, India.

Latest 2018-2019 VLSI DSP Project topics for M.Tech Students:

V17DSP01A Memory-Based FFT Processor Design With Generalized Efficient Conflict-Free Address Schemes2017
V17DSP02Algorithm and Architecture Design of Adaptive Filters With Error Nonlinearities2017
V17DSP03Design and Applications of Approximate Circuits by Gate-Level Pruning2017
V17DSP04A 4096-Point Radix-4 Memory-Based FFT Using DSP Slices2017
V17DSP05Hardware efficient multiplier-less multi-level 2D DWT architecture without off-chip RAM2017
V17DSP06High Performance Integer DCT Architectures for HEVC2017
V17DSP07Low Complexity and Critical Path based VLSI Architecture for LMS Adaptive Filter using Distributed Arithmetic2017
V17DSP08Multipliers-Driven Perturbation of Coefficients for Low-Power Operation in Reconfigurable FIR Filters2017
V17DSP09A Bit plane Decomposition Matrix Based VLSI Integer Transform Architecture for HEVC2017
V17DSP10Design of Efficient Multiplier less Modified Cosine-Based Comb Decimation Filters: Analysis and Implementation2017
V17DSP11Software Implementation of the Recursive Discrete Fourier Transform2017
V16DSP01A Normal I/O Order Radix-2 FFT Architecture to Process Twin Data Streams for MIMO2016
V16DSP02Low-Power Split-Radix FFT Processors Using Radix-2 Butterfly Units2016
V16DSP03A High-Performance FIR Filter Architecture for Fixed and Reconfigurable Applications2016
V16DSP04Efficiency Enablers of Lightweight SDR for MIMO Baseband Processing2016
V16DSP05Hardware Architectural Support for Caching Partitioned Reconfigurations in Reconfigurable Systems2016
V16DSP06A Mixed-Decimation MDF Architecturefor Radix-2k Parallel FFT2016
V16DSP07A High-Speed FPGA Implementation of an RSD-Based ECC Processor2016
V16DSP08A 0.52/1 V Fast Lock-in ADPLL for Supporting Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling2016
V16DSP09Code Compression for Embedded Systems Using Separated Dictionaries2016
V16DSP10A Dynamically Reconfigurable Multi-ASIP Architecture for Multi-standard and Multimode Turbo Decoding2016
V16DSP11Design and Implementation of High-Speed All-Pass Transformation-Based Variable Digital Filters by Breaking the Dependence of Operating Frequency on Filter Order2016
V16DSP12Statistical Framework and Built-In Self Speed-Binning System for Speed Binning Using On-Chip Ring Oscillators2016
V16DSP13A Low-Power Broad-Bandwidth Noise Cancellation VLSI Circuit Design for In-Ear Headphones2016
V16DSP14Source Coding and Preemphasis for Double-Edged Pulse width Modulation Serial Communication2016
V16DSP15A Fast-Acquisition All-Digital Delay-Locked Loop Using a Starting-Bit Prediction Algorithm for the Successive-Approximation Register2016
V16DSP16GPU-Accelerated Parallel Sparse LU Factorization Method for Fast Circuit Analysis2016
V16DSP17An All-Digital Approach to Supply Noise Cancellation in Digital Phase-Locked Loop2016
V16DSP18Design of Modified Second-Order Frequency Transformations Based Variable Digital Filters With Large Cutoff Frequency Range and Improved Transition Band Characteristics2016
V15DSP01A Combined SDC-SDF Architecture for Normal IO Pipelined Radix-2 FFT2015
V15DSP02A High-Performance FIR Filter Architecture for Fixed and Reconfigurable Applications2015
V15DSP03An Efficient VLSI Architecture of a Reconfigurable Pulse-Shaping FIR Interpolation Filter for Multistandard DUC2015
V15DSP04Obfuscating DSP Circuits via High-Level Transformations2015
V15DSP05Razor Based Programmable Truncated Multiply and Accumulate, Energy-Reduction for Efficient Digital Signal Processing2015
V15DSP06Data Encoding Techniques for Reducing EnergyConsumption in Network-on-Chip2015
V15DSP07New Lightweight AES S-box Using LFSR2015
V15DSP08A Fully Digital Front-End Architecture for ECGAcquisition System With 0.5 V Supply2015
V15DSP09A High-Performance FIR Filter Architecture forFixed and Reconfigurable Applications2015
V15DSP10A Low-Complexity Multiple Error CorrectingArchitecture Using Novel Cross ParityCodes Over GF(2m).2015
V15DSP11Aging-Aware Reliable Multiplier Design WithAdaptive Hold Logic2015
V15DSP12Algorithm and Architecture for a Low-PowerContent-Addressable Memory Basedon Sparse Clustered Networks2015
V15DSP13An Efficient Constant Multiplier ArchitectureBased on Vertical-Horizontal Binary CommonSub-expression Elimination Algorithm forReconfigurable FIR Filter Synthesis.2015
V15DSP14Byte-Reconfigurable LDPC Codec DesignWith Application to High-Performance ECC ofNAND Flash Memory Systems2015
V15DSP15Implementation of Sub-threshold AdiabaticLogic for Ultralow-Power Application2015