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NS2 Networking IEEE Projects 2018 – 19 for MTech Students

NS2 Networking IEEE Projects for Masters degree, BE, BTech, ME, MTech final Year Academic Submission. NS2 Networking Thesis for PhD and Research Students. Download complete NS2 Networking Project Code with Full Report, PDF, PPT, Tutorial, Documentation, NS2 Networking Research paper and Thesis Work. offering final year NS2 Networking MTech Projects, IEEE NS2 Networking Projects, NS2 Networking MS Projects, NS2 Networking BTech Projects, NS2 Networking BE Projects, NS2 Networking Seminar Topics, NS2 Networking Final Year Projects, NS2 Networking ME Projects, NS2 Networking IEEE Projects, NS2 Networking IEEE Base papers, NS2 Networking Academic Projects, NS2 Networking IEEE Projects, NS2 Networking Projects, NS2 Networking Free Download Projects, NS2 Networking Free Projects in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi, India.

Latest 2018-2019 NS2 Networking Project topics for M.Tech Students:

NS217NP01High Throughput Opportunistic Cooperative Device-to-Device Communications With Caching2017
NS217NP02Uncertain Data Clustering in Distributed Peer-to-Peer Networks2017
NS217NP03A Hierarchical Detection and Response System to Enhance Security Against Lethal Cyber-Attacks in UAV Networks2017
NS217NP04Event-based Fault Detection Filtering for Complex Networked Jump Systems2017
NS217NP05Incremental Deployment and Throughput Maximization Routing for a Hybrid SDN2017
NS217NP06User-Centric Network MIMO With Dynamic Clustering2017
NS217NP07An Overlay Architecture for Throughput Optimal Multipath Routing2017
NS217NP08Routing in Accumulative Multi-Hop Networks2017
NS217NP09Coding for Improved Throughput Performance in Network Switches2017
NS217NP10Power Efficiency and Delay Tradeoff of 10GBase-T Energy Efficient Ethernet Protocol2017
NS217NP11Efficient Unknown Tag Detection in Large-Scale RFID Systems With Unreliable Channels2017
NS217NP12Data Center Server Provision: Distributed Asynchronous Control for Coupled Renewal Systems2017
NS217NP13A Longitudinal Measurement Study of TCP Performance and Behavior in 3G/4G Networks Over High Speed Rails2017
NS217NP14On Oblivious Neighbor Discovery in Distributed Wireless Networks With Directional Antennas: Theoretical Foundation and Algorithm Design2017
NS217NP15When to Make a Topic Popular Again? A Temporal Model for Topic Re-hotting Prediction in Online Social Networks2017
NS217NP16Socially-Driven Learning-Based Prefetching in Mobile Online Social Networks2017
NS217NP17Security Implications of Permission Models in Smart-Home Application Frameworks2017
NS217NP18Wormhole: The Hidden Virus Propagation Power of a Search Engine in Social Networks2017
NS217NP19Congestion Control for Background Data Transfers With Minimal Delay Impact2017
NS217NP20Transient Community Detection and Its Application to Data Forwarding in Delay Tolerant Networks2017
NS217NP21A Statistical Exploration of Protocol Adoption2017
NS217NP22No Packet Left Behind: Avoiding Starvation in Dynamic Topologies2017
NS217NP23Green Virtualization for Multiple Collaborative Cellular Operators2017
NS217NP24DORE: An Experimental Framework to Enable Outband D2D Relay in Cellular Networks2017
NS217NP25Congestion Control for Web Real-Time Communication2017
NS217NP26Further Improving Efficiency of Higher-Order Masking Schemes by Decreasing Randomness Complexitys2017
NS217NP27Network-Based Modeling for Characterizing Human Collective Behaviors During Extreme Events2017
NS217NP28Protecting Secret Key Generation Systems Against Jamming: Energy Harvesting and Channel Hopping Approaches2017
NS217NP29Someone in Your Contact List: Cued Recall- Based Textual Passwords2017
NS217NP30A Game-Theoretic Analysis of Adversarial Classification2017
NS217NP31A New Rule for Cost Reassignment in Adaptive Steganography2017
NS217NP32On the Maximum Rate of Networked Computation in a Capacitated Network2017
NS217NP33Towards Optimal Connectivity on Multi- layered Networks2017
NS217NP34Uncertain Data Clustering in Distributed Peer-to-Peer Networks2017
NS217NP35A Secure and Practical Authentication Scheme Using Personal Devices2017
NS217NP36Full Verifiability for Outsourced Decryption in Attribute Based Encryption2017
NS217NP37Probability of Partially Decoding Network- Coded Messages2017
NS217NP38Towards Accurate Statistical Analysis of Security Margins:New Searching Strategies for Differential Attacks2017
NS217NP39Capacitated Next Controller Placement in Software Defined Networks2017
NS217NP40Knowledge Guided Hierarchical Multi-Label Classification over Ticket Data2017
NS217NP41An Efficient Cloud Market Mechanism for Computing Jobs With Soft Deadlines2017
NS216NP01Game Theoretic Multi-Channel Multi Access in Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks2016
NS216NP02Neighbor Aided Spatial temporal Compressive Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks2016
NS216NP03Distributed Sequential Location Estimation of a Gas Source via Convex Combination in WSNs2016
NS216NP04A Cloud Based Architecture for the Internet of Spectrum Devices (IoSD) over Future Wireless Networks2016
NS216NP05Network Selection and Channel Allocation for Spectrum Sharing in 5G Heterogeneous Networks2016
NS216NP06Exploiting Trust and Usage Context for Cross-Domain Recommendation2016
NS216NP07Joint User Association and Resource-Allocation in Virtualized Wireless Networks2016
NS216NP08Energy Efficiency of Multi-user Multi-antenna Random Cellular Networks with Minimum Distance Constraints2016
NS216NP09A Probabilistic Threshold-based Bandwidth Sharing Policy for Wireless Multirate Loss Networks2016
NS216NP10Cognitive Cellular Networks A Q-Learning Framework for Self-Organizing Networks2016
NS216NP11Optimal Relay Selection and Power Control with Quality of-Service Provisioning in Wireless Body Area Networks2016
NS216NP12Three Dimensional Geographic Routing in Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks2016
NS216NP13Energy Efficient Localization and Tracking of Mobile Devices in Wireless Sensor Networks2016
NS216NP14Optimal Routing for Lifetime Maximization of Wireless Sensor2016
NS216NP15RMER Reliable and Energy efficient Data Collection for Large scale Wireless Sensor2016
NS216NP16JOKER a novel opportunistic routing protocol2016
NS216NP17Fair Routing for Overlapped Cooperative Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks2016
NS216NP18Maximum data collection rate in rechargeable Wireless Sensor Networks with Multiple Sinks2016
NS216NP19Mobile Coordinated Wireless Sensor Network An Energy Efficient Scheme for Real-Time Transmissions2016
NS216NP20RSSI based Localization through Uncertain Data Mapping for Wireless Sensor Networks2016
NS216NP21A Secure and Efficient ID Based Aggregate Signature Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks2016
NS216NP22Active Trust Secure and Trustable Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks2016
NS216NP23Adaptive and Channel Aware Detection of Selective Forwarding Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks2016
NS216NP24PKC based DoS Attacks-Resistant Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks2016
NS216NP25Reliable and Efficient Data Acquisition in Wireless Sensor Networks in the Presence of Transfaulty Nodes2016
NS216NP26Traffic Decorrelation Techniques for Countering A Global Eavesdropper in WSNs2016
NS216NP27LORA Loss Differentiation Rate Adaptation Scheme for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Safety Communications2016
NS216NP28HDEER A Distributed Routing Scheme for Energy Efficient Networking2016
NS216NP29Network Topology Tomography Under Multipath Routing2016
NS216NP30A secure efficient data collection algorithm based on Self2016
NS216NP31Queue Stability Analysis in Network Coded Wireless Multicast Network2016
NS216NP32Delay Energy Tradeoff in Multicast Scheduling for Green Cellular Systems2016
NS216NP33Delay Analysis Of Social Group Multicast Aided Content Dissemination in Cellular System2016
NS216NP34End-to-End Coding for TCP2016
NS216NP35Link Allocation for Multiuser Systems with Hybrid RF2016
NS216NP36Reverse Update A Consistent Policy Update Scheme for Software Defined Networking2016
NS216NP37On the Throughput-Delay Trade-off in Georouting Networks2016
NS216NP38An Efficient Tree-based Self-Organizing Protocol for Internet of Things2016
NS216NP39Modified AODV Routing Protocol to Improve Security and Performance against Black Hole Attack2016
NS216NP40A Novel Framework to Enhance the Performance of Contention Based Synchronous MAC Protocols2016
NS216NP41Efficient Wireless Multimedia Multicast in Multi-rate Multi-channel Mesh Networks2016
NS216NP42Optimization of Key Predistribution Protocol Based on Super networks Theory in Heterogeneous WSN2016
NS216NP43Auction-based Data Gathering Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks2016
NS216NP44The Impact of Incomplete Secure Connectivity on the Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks2016
NS216NP45Energy profiling in practical sensor networks Identifying hidden consumers2016
NS216NP46Distributed k-Means Algorithm and Fuzzy c-Means Algorithm for Sensor Networks Based on Multiagent Consensus Theory2016
NS216NP47Neighbor-Aided Spatial-temporal Compressive Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks2016
NS216NP48Mobile Demand Profiling for Cellular Cognitive Networking2016
NS216NP49Analytical Model and Performance Evaluation of Long Term Evolution for Vehicle Safety Services2016